Digital NH

Screenshot of the Curatescape website of the now defuncted Digital NH project.
The home page of the Digital NH Curatescape page I built for UNHM’s Public History minor. Students will research and create their own mini-exhibits in my Digital History course this fall.

In the fall of 2016, the History program at the University of New Hampshire, Manchester, launched Digital NH, a website that documents New Hampshire History.  I built the website using open-source Curatescape and Omeka applications, along with some plug-ins. The website is hosted by Reclaim Hosting, a non-profit web hosting and domain service that caters primarily to academic, museum, and library clients.

The Digital NH website, now defunct, debuted in my fall Digital History course, as a teaching resource in other public history and methods courses. Students learned how to set up their own websites under my guidance.  The individual student domains served as the start of their professional web presence, a digital sandbox to learn and practice DH skills, and ultimately, as a digital portfolio where they can show off their digital humanities work. As a final assignment, they produced a credited mini-exhibit for the Digital NH website.  The planned outcome was to give students some hands-on public and digital history experience, and to give them the confidence to seek out additional opportunities.