Digital Collections

The following is a list of repositories with significant digital collections in Early American and Atlantic History that I have complied for teaching. In some cases, I have noted larger collections by name. If you know of a source I have missed or notice that a link is no longer working, feel free to send me a Tweet (@ProvAtlantic).

Black Atlantic/African-American/Slavery

Africana and Black History (New York Public Library)

Anti-Slavery Images (Massachusetts Historical Society)

Black Abolitionist Archives (University of Detroit, Mercy)

Charles F. Heartman Manuscripts of Slavery (Xavier University, New Orleans)

Colored Conventions

Digital Schomburg (New York Public Library)

Ecclesiastical and Secular Sources for Slave Societies(Vanderbilt)

Freedom on the Move (Cornell)

Haiti and the Atlantic World

Hall Family Papers and Sugar Plantation Records (University of California, San Diego)

La Gazette Royale (Haiti)

Legacies of British Slave-Ownership (University College London)

Manuscripts Related to Slavery (New-York Historical Society)

New York African Free School (New-York Historical Society)

North Carolina Runaway Slave Ads (University of North Carolina, Greensboro)

Runaway Slaves in Great Britain (University of Glasgow)

Slave Rebellion Database (Pan African Studies – California State University, Northridge)

Texas Runaway Slave Project (East Texas Research Center)

Transatlantic Slave Trade Voyages Database

Vodou Archive

Colonial/Early America

Adams Family Papers (Massachusetts Historical Society)

Alexander Hamilton Papers (University of Virginia)

American Antiquarian Society

American Manuscripts (New-York Historical Society)

Benjamin Franklin Papers (Yale and American Philosophical Society)

Bibliothèque Numérique des Caraïbes (University of Florida)

Boston Athenaeum

British Library, Digitized Manuscripts

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers (Library of Congress)

Colonial North America Project (Harvard)

Correspondence of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry (Dartmouth)

Correspondence of Mercy Otis Warren and Hannah Winthrop (Massachusetts Historical Society)

Cushing-Whitney Medical Library (Yale/Internet Archives)

Digital Library of the Caribbean

Digital Public Library of America

Digitized Historical Periodicals (Canada)

Documenting the American South (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

Gallica (France)

George Washington Papers (University of Virginia)

Guide to French Louisiana Manuscripts (Historic New Orleans Collection) *Index useful for location repositories with French Louisiana Manuscript Collections

Hathi Trust (US)

Immigration to the US (Since 1789) (Harvard)

Index to East Florida Papers (University of Florida) *Currently index only. Microfilm available via ILL)

Internet Archive (US)

Jamaica National Archives

James Madison Papers (University of Virginia)

John Jay Papers (Columbia University)

Joseph Story Digital Suite (Harvard)

Latin American Travelogues (Brown)

Library of Congress/Memory Project (Library of Congress)

Lowcountry Digital Library (College of Charleston)

Maps, Seven Years War (Massachusetts Historical Society)

Medicine in Americas (U.S. National Library of Medicine)

New England Indian Papers (Yale)

New Netherlands Institute

New Netherlands Research Center

Nova Francia (Canada)

Reading (Harvard)

Seymour B. Durst Old York Library (Columbia)

The History Education Network (Canada)

Thomas Jefferson Papers (Massachusetts Historical Society)

University of Pennsylvania Digital Image Collection (University of Pennsylvania)

Yale Indian Papers Project (Yale)

Religious History:

Bridwell Library (Southern Methodist University)

Brigham Young University

Hidden Histories/Colonial Era Church Records (Congregational Library, Boston)

Jonathan Edwards Papers (Yale)

Manuscripts Relating to Sansom Occom and Eleazor Wheelock’s Indian Students (Dartmouth)

Vodou Archives


American Revolution Era Maps (Norman Leventhal Map Center)

Annotated Newspapers of Harbottle Dorr, Jr. (Massachusetts Historical Society)