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I have been involved with the editorial board of the prize-winning, multilingual digital humanities journal, The Programming Historian, since 2017. The Programming Historian is an open-source peer reviewed journal that currently publishes in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, on a Jekyll site. I began as an editor for the English language team and served as the Journal’s Managing Editor from 2017-2018. In that capacity, I served as the first contact for scholars who proposed lessons, and helped with team development, including the addition of a French language team, beginning in 2018. Currently, I am the Lead for the Global Team, which focuses on improving The Programming Historian‘s capacity to support members of digital humanities who work outside of English-speaking countries, and who work at institutions in developing countries.

Currently, I am co-leading an initiative with Anne Alexander (Cambridge UK), Dorothy Sebbowa Kyagaba (Makerere University, Uganda), Felix Oke (University of Ibadan & University of Lagos, Nigeria), Marta Musso (Archives Portal Europe), and Nabeel Siddiqui (Susquehanna University) to run a series of workshops that are designed to build up the capacity for DH within African DH communities.

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